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What gets Eden to write a blog entry? Guilting her by HAND DELIVERING KITKATS FROM JAPAN. I GUESS. Also, sometimes, booze.


Japanese Sake KitKats

For some reason, this bag only has 12 mini packs inside instead of the usual 13. The regional gift boxes also usually come with 12 mini packs, and are attractive and premium-looking. In contrast, this bag seemed to be extra-crinkly.


The first thing you notice on tearing open the bag is the clear scent of booze. Normally the individually wrappers seem pretty insulating (for example, I couldn’t smell any hint of anything when opening the Ginger Tea bag*), but I guess not in this case. Either that or they used whatever they saved on that 13th pack on some perfume which they then tantalizingly sprayed on the inside of the bag. Whatever it is, it’s spot on. Smells exactly like sake. Let me just say that lush centers were activated.

Opening a pack reveals an even more intense sake fragrance. Either mine came slightly pre-melted, or the white chocolate coating is softer than usual. Otherwise, there’s not that much to say, they’re KitKats. I don’t know? I guess I’d been slightly hoping they’d be colored blue, like the bottle on the bag.


Taste-wise, they’re on the sweet side and aren’t quite as boozy as you’d expect given the smell. Instead, there’s a really balanced mix of buttery richness from the white chocolate, slightly estery, banana-rice notes** from the sake, and a slightly alcoholic aftertaste. You know what this really brings to mind? Have you ever had an alcoholic ice cream? Around here we have Elysian Stout from Bluebird, or Snoqualmie’s Kentucky Bourbon. This is very much like that, except, you know, not ice cream. Oops, I guess that’s a minus? But ice cream never fights fair.

Anyway, my favorite KitKats to date have usually sat at the intersection of unusual and tasty. This certainly fits the bill! If you’re into liquor, even better. And if I’ve picked my friends correctly, that’s you.

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*review coming when I get off my butt.
**brought to you by A Recently-Minted Beer Snob.

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