Hazelnut Cream KitKats




Hazelnut Cream KitKats

Holy moly, we’ve got KitKats from Bulgaria! This is a “Nestle Travel Exclusive” pack, presumably only available in airports, containing six individually-wrapped Bar-sized KitKats, picked up for me by a lovely lady at Prague Airport. Yes, I know Prague is not in Bulgaria — to clarify, these were made in Bulgaria & bought in the Czech Republic.

To aid in testing, I also forced myself to eat a Ferrero Rocher. The things I do in the name of Science!

The milk chocolate coating is very creamy, chocolatey and sweet, made more so by the thickness of the bar. The creaminess was a nice change and I think characteristic of western-style KitKats, as we saw in the World Variety bars. Inside, here’s a thick layer of hazelnut cream between the wafers, also sweet but distinctly nutty. It’s more like a frosting than a nut butter, and not salty at all — it’s quite clear this is positioned firmly as a confection.

A friend described the overall flavor of the bar as Nutella-like, which I think is a positive review. I liked it, but, well, let’s just say Ferrero would win this contest every time for me. Still, it’s very nice to have an uncomplicated but new flavor to try. Would you believe 75+ varieties and I still haven’t seen something as obvious as a peanut butter KitKat?

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