Azuki Sando KitKats


Back to the Motherlode! I’ve been sick the last couple weeks so I didn’t trust my taste buds, but I think it’s time.


Azuki Sando KitKats

Red bean sandwiches! I didn’t even know these were a thing, but the idea sounds amazing, especially grilled in butter, piping hot, maybe a pot of oolong standing by. Maybe that’s not how it’s done, but the picture on the package suggests it, and really, how else would you do it?

These bars were in the Tōkai drawer of the box. I’ve had red bean-based KitKats before, but unfortunately that was before I did more detailed write-ups, so I’m not sure I can compare. I think there are oshiruko bars further down in the motherlode, so we’ll get a chance to revisit them, I hope. But really, these azuki sando KitKats aren’t kidding around — they taste exactly like red bean. I don’t even know if there is milk chocolate in the coating, as the bean flavor is so strong. There’s an initial hit of sugar, but overall it’s more muted. There may be a hint of salt in there too. It’s a nice, balanced sweetness.

What I do miss is any hint of “sandwich.” Maybe not being so sweet is supposed to evoke white bread? It’s a stretch, but that wouldn’t actually be far off from the effect. The real problem is that there’s neither a hint of butter or smoke to evoke toasting or grilling, which I was really looking forward to. Without the picture on front or the name, this is really a solid and unusual KitKat, but I can’t help feeling a little let down.

Still! Any KitKat day is a good day, right?

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  • Grilled red bean paste sandwiches! I think I know what we're making for lunch on Saturday...

    (And welcome back to regular blogging!)

  • Please do report back!

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