Rilakkuma Hotcake KitKats


Sometimes, I start typing an entry and all that shows up on the screen is “OMG. OMG. OMG.”

Two weeks ago, my friend Dom sent me a photo from Japan of some store’s giant KitKat display and the caption “Try to contain yourself.” He offered to get me a box of something and I honestly picked one because it looked like it had a picture of Pedobear on it.

An hour later, I got this message:

“Sweet Jesus, the hotcakes flavor is AMAZING. It might be the best candy bar I’ve had anywhere ever. I got an assortment of flavors, but I wish I’d just gotten five boxes of these. It will take every ounce of restraint I have, but I’ll make sure these survive the trip home and send you a couple.”

Bless his soul, because today the mailbox contained possibly the most adorable candy packaging I’ve ever seen. Also, not Pedobear.


So, Rilakkuma is a San-X character who loves hotcakes and relaxing. I imagine that means he likes Suntory whiskey too, but that’s not explicitly stated on his wikipedia entry. The box is an hexagonal solid made of corrugated cardboard, much thicker than any other KitKat box I’ve run across. Originally it contained twelve wrapped sets of two standard issue mini bars. I wonder if they’ve ever made a Tarepanda-themed KitKat flavor? Please say the answer is yes.

The entire thing is infused with cuteness. Example:


This picture? Totally not helping with the Pedobear thing.

Flavorwise, they’re really, really good! (Come on, they’re pancake KitKats.) Opening the foil you get a big whiff of butter and pancake syrup. I’m not sure I’d go so far as to describe it as maple, but it does have the caramelized flavor of a dark syrup. Flavor-wise, it’s spot on. The white chocolate-based coating is very sweet, as usual, but it fits with the flavor this time. I might be imagining things, but I think they’ve cut the sweetness in the wafer section, because it evokes hotcake batter very well (and contrasts nicely with the coating). Also, butter! I’ve been wanting to try a buttery KitKat for a long time, ever since reading about baked potato KitKats (omg, someone please hook a sister up!). All I can say is: I approve.

Sorry this didn’t materialize as the promised Adult Sweetness* entry. I just couldn’t wait.

Also! Yesterday was the seven year anniversary of my very first KitKat entry. Light a candle, okay?

* that will never feel less weird to type.

More Japanese KitKats.

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  • Huzzah!  So glad you enjoyed them.  Yeah, the butter flavor really is impressive.  And the *scent*.  I'm not a big candy guy, but it's probably just as well that I only got one box of them.

    That said, if anybody finds a source... y'know...

  • Omg, I call dibs.

  • Wow, I'm so happy they actually taste good! (this is Anne from Chic Pixel, by the way... Thanks for your comment over on my blog!)

    But now I MUST get my hands on some. Not only am I a huge Kit Kat fan, but I'm an even bigger Rilakkuma fan! 

  • Hi Anne! Thanks for stopping by. I have to admit I didn't know Rilakkuma before getting these KitKats. He might not even have existed when I took the Which San-X character are you? test back in 2003 and got Kogepan. He's cute, though!

  • Oh my, I remember Kogepan! Too bad San-X doesn't make Kogepan goods anymore... 

  • I revisited Yukino's site to see if the promised "Adult Sweetness" post has come up, and read your comment, Anne Lee.  So, Yukino commented on one of your posts?  I happily click on over, wondering which one it might be.  I scroll down a little bit and nearly laughed when I saw which post it had to be. How appropriate!

  • Great minds think alike, as they say! ;)

  • OH MY GOD. That box is the cutest thing ever, and I really want to try these kit-kats now.

  • The box totally kills me. So cute.

  • That sounds lovely!

  • holy shit WANT.

  • If I get my hands on a full box, I'll totally send you some.

  • freiya

    that is the cutest packaging, i especially love that the box is octagonal for some reason... Octagons are cool :) 

  • Of course now I realize I'm a total idiot and it's actually hexagonal. Oops!

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