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I didn’t know you could use that much glass and still create brutalist architecture, but apparently it’s possible. On the sunny side, you can get a margarita made with Tang downstairs, as well as a pretty amazing burger.

Who would have thought? Bellevue is slowly becoming a burger mecca, between John Howie, two weekly stops for Skillet, and! A couple months ago I was talking with the woman working the counter at Katsu Burger, and she said maybe a year from then we might be having that conversation in Bellevue.

Katsu. Burger. OMG! I haven’t written here about Katsu Burger yet, have I? Something for the backlog.

  • Saska Albright

    See, I'm a forward-thinking foodie for moving to Bellevue, not a defeated thirtysomething suburbanite!

  • Hee, well, that's my excuse these days too. :)

  • Tang?? :) 

  • Yes! I haven't tried it yet, actually, but I will.

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