Knit. Sock. Love.


Last March, I got a message from my friend Cookie asking if I knew anyone who would be available for a freelance photo gig, taking pictures for her next book. Cookie’s something of a rock star, so I briefly thought about doing it myself (who wouldn’t want to work with a rock star?), but the instant I saw the “mood board” she’d prepared to convey the look she wanted, I instantly realized I knew the perfect photographer for the job. It was a little heartbreaking, but I knew I didn’t really have the resources or, honestly, the talent to do better.

So it was Laura Kicey, meet Cookie A, Cookie A, meet Laura Kicey, and the rest… well, soon you can see for yourself! Their collaboration, Knit. Sock. Love. is now available for preorder at Amazon:


Sock designer extraordinaire Cookie A chronicles her love affair with sock knitting and explores different methods to pattern socks by examining their underlying structure. Nineteen patterns ranging from simply chic to astonishingly intricate are arranged into three sections: Columns, Tessellations and Diagonals. […] These rich and seemingly complex patterns are broken down step by step into bite-size components that are easy to digest. Illustrations, diagrams and charts accompany each project, offering an invaluable guide for visual knitters.

Breathtaking photographs by Laura Kicey and styling by Sarah Beaver showcase the socks in dramatic locations, leading you off the beaten path just like the socks in this collection. This revolutionary compilation is sure to elevate sock knitting to new levels of sophistication.

I’m already in love with the cover.

If you know of either of them, well, this should be a no-brainer. If you know both, well, you probably checked out even before getting to this paragraph. I’m feeling a little maternal about this book because of my role as matchmaker, and I haven’t even seen a copy in the flesh, but I think I can stay pretty objective and say it’s probably going to be one of the best things ever, in the history of the universe. Or something. That was objective, right?

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  • Lori

    Great job matchmaking! I'm a horrible knitter, but I wonder if my mom would like this for Xmas.

  • The cover is beautiful, but tells me nothing about the socks. However, Cookie's website tells me that sockwise, it can be nothing less than fabulous.

    Adding it to my wish list now, thanks.

  • Vanlal

    That's a lovely book and kudos to you for making it happen. :-D

  • Lee

    Oh the book looks amazing! I may not preorder, but it is definitely going to be a must-have book to add to my collection. What a wonderful story! And I'm so glad you shared it.

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