Thirty pages, day 7


Day 7: It’s late, but I’ve been busy and didn’t want to half-ass another one.


Am once again not feeling any desire to clean this up at all — finding the sloppy details fit my mood. Hands and feet are getting better each day, though they still need a lot of work. Not happy at all with what I was trying to do with the lower leg; something to work on for next time.

After scanning this, I was suddenly struck by the similarity to this piece. Feeling much the same sense of melancholy. I hope the long weekend brings renewal.

  • i like this one a lot, it's very calming......all your drawing has also inspired me too! yay!

  • Thanks! Inspiration is always good.

  • sjon

    Love it.

    That pillow looks like a wing ... sleepy angel (or sleepy demon? ^_^ )

  • A little of both? :)

  • Lori

    I think the expression and the pillow are perfect. I am looking at my erased page and feeling completely talentless, so I will ask what is up with the big toe in order to shore my self esteem. :P

  • What's up with her big toe is that I'm hopeless at feet so far!

    And you are SO not talentless. Also you save people's lives, which is pretty much the best thing anyone can do.

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