Umm, dude.


Forget cheesesteaks! There’s a Chick-fil-A here!

  • airetsi

    Well, I've never tried White Castle, I'm a Krystals girl as any good Southerner would be, but I agree about the pickle in so far as it relates to Krystals. And Chick-fil-A...mmm. It's been years since I've had that. Yummy. Why didn't you bring me some!

  • It's kind of like White Castle -- have you ever tried to eat one without the pickle? Totally inedible!

    I know what you all are thinking. Stop looking at me that way!

    (Lia's got my back. Right?)

  • chik-fil-a sandwiches are absolutely made by their pickles. Nummy!

  • matthew

    faces flickering through the ether... and a red dress... two faces i never knew before...

  • But... it's all about the pickle!

  • La Femme

    Dude, that blasphemy, but I admit I O.D'ed on those things when I was in NC this summer.


    Hold the pickle.

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