Backlog KitKat Report #1


As requested, four from the backlog:


Kinako Big Kat (June 2009)

Kinako is a soybean flour that I’ve mostly encountered as a coating for mochi. It’s got a nutty, slightly salty flavor that’s really quite appealing, though usually you’ll want to have a nice cup of tea on hand to wash it down. This bar was perfectly evocative of that, and the combination of kinako with the milk chocolate coating made for an experience that was not too sweet (a real danger with these larger-sized KitKats) and really delicious.

This easily shot up to my all-time top five list. In fact, just writing about it is making me drool. Not really. Well, maybe a bit.


Banana Big Kat (July 2010)

This, on the other hand, was like a sugar bomb in my mouth. I don’t know if it was the coating or the cream filling, but this was sweet to the point of precipitating sugar crystals. The bright side? You know that super-fake banana flavor you get sometimes in candies? This was somewhat bit better than that — and about a billion times better than these, which were just dreadful! About one of these per year might be the right frequency.


Jasmine Tea KitKats (June 2009)

I love, love, love jasmine tea, and I love green tea KitKats! So when I heard that pastilla had gotten these, I was so insanely jealous that I essentially bribed a coworker into bring some back with him from Japan — if he could find them. Which, thank goodness, he did! (Along with the kinako, which makes him my favorite. Ever.)

These are definitely on the sweet side too, and the milk chocolate coating is definitely the dominant element here. So it’s not surprising that the floral notes come on almost as an overtone, a descant over the chorus of the normal KitKat flavors. They’re definitely there, though, and I thought quite appealing. I know a lot of people seem to think this one’s a miss, but you won’t be able to convince me of it!


Bitter Almond KitKats (August 2010)

I guess these are in right now, because you can find them everywhere. The almond flavor is in the fililng, and to me tastes of somewhere firmly between “sour” and “dead.” Just not appealing at all! I’ve had people ask me whether these taste like cyanide. Really? Are you expecting an “in the know” answer there?

There’s a lot more where these came from. Please do yell if these start to get tiresome!

More Japanese KitKats.

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  • pastilla

    I'm still looking for the wasabi KitKats. Kurii's Japanese teacher brought them for his class, so he got to try one little piece, which he said was "curiously delicious."

  • I'd bet on it being good! I've had wasabi ice cream and "curiously delicious" definitely fits the bill.

  • lori

    Jasmine! Do they make rosewater Kit Kat?

    If you want to know what cyanide tastes like, eat the kernel inside a peach pit. It's an interesting flavor (and not near enough to harm you).

  • Rosewater I haven't seen, although I have seen (but not tried) sakura blossom. And I'm not that keen to find out what cyanide tastes like, but thanks. :)

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