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Hi! I keep forgetting I have this long-form forum to work with. I think plurk and twitter appeal more to my ADHD, or maybe fit in better with my lack of free time during this latest seven-week work-related death march. However, having today emerged from said trial thru an absinthe-fueled haze (it was an interesting afternoon in the office*, to say the very least), am tempted to do something, anything, to mark the occasion. I’m currently flitting between the super-fulfilling (sitting down and drawing a comic, something I’ve been back-burnering for years; or spending the weekend traipsing around shooting photos of hidden Seattle), or just plain stupid (and I mean epically stupid, like finally starting up World of Warcraft). If you have a recommendation, or want to join me on something, please let me know!

But first! I’m going to sink into the pleasant after-drunk haze and have my first night of blissful relaxation in months, preferably after brewing a pot of jasmine pearls and eating the last of Vancouver’s sweet bounty. Sweet dreams!

*allowed myself to get shockingly tipsy & remember little; must not happen again.

I’ve been sharing some videos which you might have seen if you’re friends with me on facebook (and if you’re not, let me know so I can friend you), but thought it might be nice to collect them somewhere less ephemeral.

The better of two recent camera-on-a-sushi-conveyor experiments:

lost in a moment from dennis wheatley on Vimeo.

This one I found through eyemage:

And one from David:

There were plenty more, but I think I’d better stop while I’m ahead.

  • So I've just started following you on twitter as I'm slowly re-entering the digital world after a few years of being a casual observer.

    Seems like I've 'known' you for ages since lj and this place but we've never had much interaction. So maybe now?

    Is it just me or does twitter feel like lj on medication?

  • I would listen to Vienna Teng and/or play Left 4 Dead.

  • Those are both great ideas. I really need to fire up Left 4 Dead again.

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