A return


Hit my deadline & have been laying v. low the past few days, a happy feeling indeed! Sweeney Todd is sitting  next to the television, waiting to be watched. Finally saw Juno. Persepolis was just so good, must see movie version stat — if I can find it. Elsewhere on the to-consume list: Top 10 #1, Absolute Sandman #1, Heart Station, Lost Odyssey. Plan to try to fit as much as possible, plus relax, the next five weeks, inasmuch as one can do that whilst preparing to move.

Need to admit, though I feel uncool doing so, that I don’t really get Daniel Clowes.

  • Lost Odyssey is really excellent, probably the best RPG I have played in years.

  • I don't get Dan Clowes either. It's affectless, no?

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