I think I prefer to stay inside



Comfort food for breakfast, dai bao — an enormous Chinese steamed bun, nearly as big as a softball, filled with ground pork, water chestnut, Chinese sausage, half a boiled egg, and other goodness. It’s an entire meal in one handheld lump: warm, wild, wonderful. An easy mess, if one’s not careful.

Koreans have a similar concoction, wang mandu, with glass noodles and spring onions and, well, you get the picture. I’ve heard rumors of a Vietnamese analogue as well. Someday I’d love to open a restaurant where every dish you order comes to you in the form of a giant, doughy steamed bun bursting at the seams with … lamb shwarma? gyros? Italian sausage and bolognese? The mind fills with possiblity.

Grabbed Preacher: Gone To Texas from the library, which I’m told is long overdue for a read. Am in a contradictory mood for dark/unredemptive and fluffy/romantic entertainment, though the graphic novel form feels right either way. Any recommendations?

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