The dream that was Instancia


GNE.flickr.com? I’ve never wanted any April fool’s joke to be real* more than this one. Is it 2003 again? It was eerie and wonderful to wander the old roads, crossing through firefields and city squares. Absinthe is still there, though it seems much more like a luxury in an economic downturn that has seemingly extended to my in-game pocketbook  as well. And old faces (many with new names), sounding much as if they’d dropped in directly from then. I don’t want it to end, but I’m afraid to get too attached, should they break my heart again … but will they? Oh, they make tantalizing noises: “we’ll have to fix that,” dangling the possibility of a future. Is there a place for a little freeform gaming in the new new economy? I fear not, but I’ll enjoy this carriage until the moment it becomes a pumpkin again.

In other (more mundane) news, “Still Alive” is possibly the only song in Rock Band where singing in a manner true to the original actually coincides with maximum scoring potential. Which should help the efforts of the Aperture Science Self Esteem Fund for Girls. It’s true!

*Honestly, I have no real desire to live on Mars. Where would I get my ahi poke?

  • Oh god how I cannot believe I missed this in my attempt to dodge all April Fool's things, I have wanted to experience GNE for years now.

    I saw Jonathan Coulton sing "Still Alive" while playing Rock Band to his own song, and I thought the entire thing was a travesty (though I am the only one).

  • Speaking of that, have you seen Life on Mars? http://www.bbc.co.uk/lifeonmars/

    That was one bad-ass show. Watch it...

  • Ohwow. I will!

  • [this is good] "i'll enjoy this carriage until the moment it becomes a pumpkin again"

    this is why we miss you selva/yuki/eden

    and why we're so glad you're back

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