…or I could play Rock Band


  • I was the owner of a facebook account for two minutes (and only to do Apps stuff) before I said out loud to myself "I cannot do this shit" and promptly closed it. I like to think that my life is better for it.

    Do not get me started on Rock Band.

  • So... what about Rock Band? :)

  • As a video game it is a pretty poor representation of playing an instrument, though if people are having fun playing it more power to them.

    But they are not "rocking out" and getting a high score or beating a song on hard only means you are good at pressing big colored buttons quickly and are not some killer guitar player.

    I feel as though Harmonix (and now Activision, I guess) are taking advantage of people's laziness and lack of drive to gain real tangible skills and giving them this poor experience in place of that. In the time it takes for you to go from Easy to Medium to Hard in Rock Band, you could learn a bunch of chords and be playing Ramones songs.

    Also, I sold a sealed copy of the original Guitar Hero for PS2 that I had and bought a Bass Guitar and an amp with the money, so does that make me a real Guitar Hero?

  • I'm mostly a vocalist (in real life & in-game), so there's less of a reality barrier involved. Still, I enjoy playing "guitar" in Rock Band, at least from a strictly social standpoint... but I'm under no delusions that I'm rocking out. ^_^

    I do own two guitars which have been stowed away in the closet for far too long. Maybe it's time to give them a spin again...

  • i don't think you're missing anything at all. i was mildly interested in facebook for about the first week i was on. now it's basically a glorified address book that spams me on a regular basis, no matter how many times i turn off all notifications.

  • I think the zombie/pirate/eggs/whatever things on facebook are the worst. I spend LESS time there because of those types of things. Also, I've lost all the scrabulous games I've played, so I think that turns me off of facebook a little as well. :)

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