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Feeling better now. Baby steps.

From Eureka, another version of the Fat Kreme Burger out in the wild.

Vince recommended Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon to me, knowing my love of classic John Varley stories and film noir, and it was a fun read. Morgan has the tone of far-future noir down pat, with an intelligently speculative setting and lots of hard-boiled action. If you enjoy the typical noir antihero — aggressive, haunted, misogynistic — then Takeshi Kovacs should be right up your alley; subversive, this is not. But the choking masculinity effectively evokes the ghosts of Mickey Spillane, of Hammet, of Chandler, and more recently, the graphic fiction of Frank Miller*. So! If you’re looking for that kind of literary fix, this may be right up your alley.

Directly afterwards, started reading Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, which in many bizarre ways is exactly the same book (well, at least as far as I’ve gotten in it).

* speaking of which, how great is it that they’re finally releasing a real DVD of Double Indemnity?
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  • vanlal

    Baby steps?!

    Wow! What formula are you on? You're doing the hop-skip-jump already. :)

  • 1. take it easy, and take care of yourself.

    2. fat kreme burger = still nauseatingly delicious. (if that makes sense.)

    3. you remind me that my reading pile is growing excessively large.

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