Picking up the pieces


And here we are, a week since last post. Has it been only one? It feels so much longer, a month, a year, like someone else and another lifetime ago. No, I haven’t been reading, though my last entry would make it easy to assume so — instead, I’ve been lying in the dark: stretched out, spread thin. Suddenly, I’m everyone’s excuse, everyone’s target, and there isn’t enough of me left to give.

There’s another me, somewhere, who would thrive in situations like this. I’m not her. I’ve never been there.

If I’ve slighted you, or ignored you, I apologize, truly. I just need a little time to pick up the pieces.

  • dear one, take all the time you need and more. you are the most important thing in your life and we all respect that. don't forget the 3 p's: pamper, pamper, pamper! much love.

  • Hey there! As I recall, a few entries ago we made a compact - you would keep writing if we kept commenting. Well, we're here but where are you? :) It's been over a week. We're waiting for the latest tale of joy or tribulation. Come on, if it's that bad, it ought to make a good blog entry. ;)

  • Like butter scraped over too much bread? Though you don't want to, you must give up the ring. ;) I don't think anybody actually thrives when there are an overwhelming number of things on their plate. You are probably suffering from a lack of reading Harry Potter. :)

  • janjan

    my dear yukino,

    I am sending you good thoughts and wishes from Maine, where I saw some sort of ginger chews in the Portland Greengrocer and thought warmly of you.

    I hope this cup passes from you soon.

  • in the struggles and the whispers lie moments of great exhaustion and sorrow. you owe us no apologies. every pulse, every beat, a murmur, a word, a fragment of a snapshot of that which has been broken, and that which will find its way together again.

    the breath lasts a moment. the breath lasts a lifetime. you resolve the breath. we watch you breathe, and we smile. meaning is created in the moment. meaning is created in the lifetime. somewhere in between are the right angles of realities.

  • Ana


  • Miranda

    Aw, that's ok.

    You don't have to be there for all of us, all the time. You just have to take good care of our Yuki.

  • Lemme know if you need any .ca candy/chips to help you out :)

  • Take as much time as you need. We'll all be here, and no apologies are necessary.

  • Vanlal


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