All right, so I’m easily dragged into these things.

  • … or even that other one, something about a phoenix….

  • vince, don't you ever wait in line for an OS release, even?

    If they did this for David Eddings releases, I'd be camped out the day before to be first in line.

    Still need to read Half-Blood Prince, I guess….

  • Vince, The fun thing about it is that it's for a book! Sure, waiting in line for movies is blasé. Every summer there's a blockbuster that people are lining up for. But how often do the bookstores have something exciting enough to be worth staying up until midnight to get? We all know books are cooler that movies, and it just goes to show that books can inspire midnight madness juat as well as movies can. Plus, it's fun and silly. :)

    Chris B: Thats awesome!

    Yukino: Glad you joined in after all!

  • Chris B

    One of us... one of us...

    Then again, if you didn't have to duck a whomping willow to get in, it doesn't count ;)


  • kitty

    hi, uv got a great blog! i was browsing thru ur site and saw you got a marimo. has yours grown at all? i got mine in hong kong. where did your friend get yours? =)

  • Vanlal

    You are weak, my child. :)

    I had planned to join the Potter-mad throng outside Bahri Sons' at 5:30am yesterday morning. Thankfully, good sense (and sleep) prevailed.

    Happy reading and spoilers please!

  • Miranda




    (chuckling, rolling on the floor pointing at Yuki)

    Hee, hee, hee!

  • I've never really understood the rush and the "waiting in line until midnight" thing. I like the Potter books, but I just put an order into Amazon and wait the couple of weeks.

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