Alter Ego.


Geek cred meets 80’s nostalgia!

When I was young and my only computer was an Apple ][, I got ahold of an insanely interesting game called Alter Ego. Essentially a vignette-based “life simulator,” it came in both male and female versions and let you play out a virtual life as someone else, from birth to death. To date, I still think that these games were the most unique, most compelling computer games I’ve ever played. It makes me think I probably would have become a big RPG geek if I hadn’t become such an introvert.

Anyways, some surfing today revealed a web-based version of the game, which started out as a direct port but apparently has now had all sorts of new vignettes added into it. Additionally, there’s a Yahoo! group that has the DOS versions of the original games to download. Very cool.

[thanks Miranda]

  • I am the author of Alter Ego. I am always amazed at how much attention this game gets, even 20 years later. Evil? Sure, as evil as life itself!

  • Evil. You are evil. This game is evil. The people who kidnapped, tortured & killed me as a child are also evil.

  • yukino

    welp, after playing through the game last night, i can't say that any of the vignettes struck me as new. perhaps the new vignettes are a feature for those who want to host their own game, and the one at this site is true to the original.

  • jet

    You fool. Once again, you have caused my demise.

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