SIFF 2005


Been so occupied lately that I almost forgot it’s SIFF season again, one of my favorite times of year! Am only just now getting around to browsing through the listings, so already I can guess there’s no hope of getting tickets for Howl’s Moving Castle (sigh!) but already a few others are looking promising:

That’s only a first glance; there’s a lot left to read through. Unfortunately, since I’ll be spending two of SIFF’s first three weekends out of state (in Chicago and New York/New Haven), I’m sure I won’t be able to attend every film I’d like to.

Still, what are you going to see?

Oh! If you’re stuck on the eastside and craving Thai, I totally recommend Noodle Boat in Issaquah. It’s so good! I especially liked the “volcano honey duck,” which sounds a lot kitschier than it actually was, but really, everything we tried was delicious. Lots of sweet basil, lime leaf, cilantro, and a menu that seemed just a bit off the beaten path (with evocative, engrish-esque names like “Mr. Lime,” “Whatever you called?” and my fave: “Egg! Best friend”) — one of our favorites (“kao tod”) was almost like a Vietnamese “bun,” with deep-fried chunks of curried rice instead of rice stick noodles.

A word of warning, though: keep an eye out for the sign, since it’s almost impossible to see from the road.

  • After a quick scan, I think I'd find Beneath her Window and dreamship Surprise - Period 1 interesting.

    The Indian offerings seem a bit blah to me. The Journey merely transplants the plot of Fire from middle-class Delhi to rural Kerala. However, Malayalee women are always fun to ogle at. :) The Warrior might be worthwhile.

    ...Wish I could be there for SIFF. :(

  • Knowing your longstanding love for Andy Lau, Hong, I'll take that to heart.

    His hairstyle really is awful in that movie, isn't it??

  • Hong

    I will not recommend "A World Without Thieves", my image of Andy Lau got damaged again.

  • Oh, and fer: totally! Those sound great too!

  • Will have to see, I'm there for family stuff and not sure how much free time I'll have (that's this weekend).

    Hana & Alice looked interesting, but I really couldn't connect at all to the last Iwai film I saw, which was All About Lily Chou-Chou (though I loved the soundtrack!) -- maybe I'm not disaffected enough to relate to some of these recent Japanese teen movies. But who am I kidding? I'll probably end up seeing it anyways. ^^

  • You're going to be in Chicago? Any chance I could meet up and take you out to lunch or something?

    To elaborate on my comment about Tuesday's Women, the first chapter of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle was originally a short story called The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and Tuesday's Women (which also appears in one of the short story collections released in the US, I think The Elephant Vanishes).

    I swear I was looking at Hana & Alice last night on YesAsia, and would definitely be interested in seeing that too (if I lived even two states within SIFF).

  • fer

    Oh! Those look really good! Let me know if you end up going to any. I am also interested in checking out "5 x 2" which is by the director of "Swimming Pool" so it should be pretty interesting. And then I also might want to get to "C'est la Femme," the collection of short films by female directors. I agree, there are so many, I'll keep looking and let you know if I do end up going to any.

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