The baton


I usually avoid memes like the plague, but, well, George is a total rockstar, and when she passes me the baton, I have to run with it.

Total Volume Of Music On My Computer

I don’t have much music on my computer proper, but on my iPod I have 7149 songs, 19.9 days, 31.84GB. I’m a packrat, and I’ll listen to pretty much anything (depending on my mood), which is a bad combination if you like really small music players — you know, the kinds that come in a variety of fluorescent colors. So right now I get by with my gargantuan white iPod which whirrs and purrs in my hand like a small kitten.

I like cats, but am hopelessly allergic, so this’ll have to do for now.

The Last CD I Bought

Joanna Newsom’s The Milk-Eyed Mender, which is all because of Miranda. She really is an acquired taste — you’ll either find her voice uniquely charming or like a shrieking choir of mutant babies, and that’ll probably color your entire impression of her. I love it, though, all dried flowers and snake tails and cinnamon.

Also in that batch: the Such Great Heights single, by the Postal Service. ‘nuff said.

Song Playing Right Now

“As Girls Go,” Suzanne Vega. I heart Suzanne Vega.

5 songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me

This is hard, because my moods & tastes change so often. I’ll stick with songs that are currently on rotation: right now, I’m feeling kind of turbulent, so the sounds are more introspective and mellow.

  1. “Hard Drive,” by Evan Dando. janjan introduced me to this soothing gem, and I can’t help but just listen quietly, eyes closed.
  2. “She Will Have Her Way,” by Neil Finn. Heard this song first on Sports Night, when it played during the second season opener. Can’t be sure how much of my love for this song comes from my love for that series, but it stands quite strongly on its own.
  3. “Pulling Me Under,” by Meghan Toohey, who fronts Boston’s The So and So’s (who totally rock, seriously). Their website has not only this track for download, but everything they’ve ever released, so do yourself a favor and grab away!
  4. “Every Song,” by the Francis Kim Band, also out of Boston. Soft and beautiful, and looks like you can stream it from their site, too.
  5. “The Long, Long Grift,” which was They Might Be Giants’ contribution to Wig in a Box, the Hedwig & the Angry Inch benefit cover album.

5 people to whom I’m passing the baton

Miranda, lish, janjan, Scott and Alice.

  • Amazing, your list includes both Sports Night AND Hedwig. Just amazing.

  • yknow.

    i was given the same meme to do, only with books

    i was tempted to switch it to music, cuz that'd be easier

    and now

    i think i will


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