Separate and indelible


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A balmy night, soaked in dreams and Merlot, and words from a friend:

you are a writer, a marvelous one at that. you don’t have to feel like one. it’s just what is.

…and they were kind and beautiful and terrifying, heavy with expectation and apprehension.

I awoke to a handwritten note from my subconscious, scrawled on a slip of notepaper on the nightstand:

“…when last night, you dissolved into me in a perfect moment of super-saturation — until the morning chill woke us, and we were separate, indelible, once more…”

Oh, for the return!

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  • ::poke:: Poking the spam filter!

  • Loli

    The muses can be aggravatingly playful, appearing often late at night or at times when you can't find a pen. But it is obvious yours loves you much to grace you with such inspiration.

  • lia

    Greetings from myself and Jarvis! New York is in the low 50s today and my toes are COLD.

  • Alice: I've not read any Murakami, despite everyone I know being in love with him, tho I think that's because I never knew where to start. But now I'll definitely pick up Sputnik Sweetheart -- thanks! (and thanks so much for the kind words, though I'm sure I'm not worthy of them)


  • Now for my real comment, as I take a moment's break from my neverending pile of work.

    Have you read Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami? In it, among many other things, he discusses the idea of ourselves being split into two halves, often seperate from one another. One character became split against her will, another chose to for her own reasons and yet another wants to but finds he cannot. Aside from a similarity in your writing style to Murakami's, the idea seems parallel to this post and I wholeheartedly recommend the book (although I should note that it is my favorite book so I tend to recommend it to everyone anyway).

  • Oh, lovely. I'm glad you're all getting through! :)


    me (who is all out of Merlot now)

  • Ana

    Can you hear me now?

  • sue

    me lets the filter know she is keeping her eye on it

  • pastilla

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  • Note to self: a merlot IV might just not be a bad thing if it leads to super-saturation....yum

  • Amazing.

  • Mmm, expectation.

  • Those are pretty words.

  • Your prior reluctance to accept the truth did not in any way change it from being true.

  • Merlot-soaked dreams are the best.

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