Richter in Prague


Came home to find the lawn’s been torn up, which means they’re starting re-sodding a few days early — originally I was neurotic about seeing raw topsoil so I’d arranged for them to begin Saturday, when I would be safely in Manhattan, hopefully to return to a finished job. But surprisingly, seeing the jumble of dirt and chopped up grass cover was strangely peaceful, as if I were seeing something being born. Not close-up and wet&wooly, Wild Kingdom-like, but from one of those Nova time-lapse sequences. You know, the kind with Michael Nyman music playing on the soundtrack.

On Sunday, Assassins on Broadway! I can’t wait. Too bad Victor Garber won’t be in it.

They’re re-releasing Donnie Darko to theaters in a new director’s cut, with 30 minutes of added footage and a reworked soundtrack! And it’s premiering at SIFF!

My cup runneth over. (via signalstation)

  • yukino


    Victor Garber was in Godspell! He was in Sweeney Todd! He was in Assassins!

    He's awesome. And he saves the country every week too.

  • sydney's dad a broadway man? strange.

    yee-haw for donnie darko. oh how i love that jake gyllenhaal.

  • Huh...I had no idea that Jack Bristow was a big Broadway person. What an interesting trivia point.

  • Loliinspired

    Rereleasing Donnie Darko? Oh yes! Great news.

    Enjoy NYC!

  • Miranda

    You're going to be in NYC and I won't be there to see you... Sniffl...

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