In the web comic Slow Wave, artist Jesse Reklaw takes readers’ submitted dreams and turns them into art. Here’s a recent strip about fish which I love.

  • Miranda

    Beyoooooootiful photo, Yuki! Really fantastic!

  • Wow. Makes me wonder what some of these people eat before they go to bed...my dreams are tame.

    I think this one was probably the dream of someone who recently started Atkins, and felt guilty every time he snuck a potato chip.

  • That sucks. I should have double-checked that he still had them before posting, so sorry about that.

  • yukino

    Sigh, it looks like it's not available thru him anymore -- guess I'll have to order it from the publisher.

    (Shambhala! Didn't know they put out more than lavishly designed pocket-sized Asian philosophy...)

  • Jesse's a great guy. He did one of my dreams years ago, but it's not up in his online archives.

    Last time I asked him about it, he said he'd have to rearrange the panels of his archives to take them from four-across panels to two-top, two-bottom and he hadn't felt like doing that yet.

    If you can, you should buy his book from him directly, 'cause he'll put a great doodle in it for you.

  • That one is marked for future reading for sure. Some people sure have odd dreams. I can't remember any dreams I've had, if I even have any. Might have something to do with rarely getting more than 4 or 5 hours sleep a night...

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