Malaise, again


I don’t understand! I was feeling so good yesterday, but now it’s Friday afternoon and I’m just exhausted & feeling like a failure. Earlier, I was frustrated by the fact I’ve missed morning pages two days in a row, evil taxes and other things too numerous to mention. Oh, and then there were free drinks, and…

Ah, I think I see where things went wrong.


As an exercise, let’s move on to happier things:

Our Cobalt Flux dance platforms arrived in the mail the other day! So I’ve been getting a lot of exercise lately, which is all kinds of good & lots of fun too, even if the pads do tend to destroy any illusions of how good you really might be. No more blaming things on the equipment! Am working my way back up to speed, though there’s still a long way to go.

But! It’s a lot cheaper than the gym (correction: okay, no not really — more like about the same as a full year of gym), and closer to home, too.

Continuing tea experiments: pu-erh was described to me as very “earthy,” and it’s a pretty apt description: taking a sniff of the tiny, individually-wrapped brick reveals a pungent aroma, not unlike mown grass after a day of sitting around in compost — not something you’d be inclined to think of putting in your mouth. Still, once brewed it’s much more pleasant than expected (though still grassy), and I had no trouble finishing a few cups, after which I felt… surprisingly nice.

Oh, and on flickr, I made a set for photos of tea leaves — since the visual experience of tea is as much a part of these experiments as fragrance and flavor, they might make a nice appendix. I’ll try to add new teas as I try them!

Finally, from girlhacker: Ginger Soother, from The Ginger People. Words cannot express how much I want to try this! I just hope there are stores around here that stock it.

  • Somehow, here, there is some grey thread that seems to oft reduce me to having tears standing in my eyes.

    Malaise is perhaps profoundly fitting.

    What surprises me the most, perhaps, is that every other comment completely ignores that first paragraph. Which the rest of the entry is completely spent mitigating. Yet it's that first paragraph, not the tea, that is the core.

    Catharsis, I am finding, is something that is perhaps no longer useful to share.

  • Oh, Alice, I could never stick to an arcade-DDR-only philosophy -- I'm too embarrassed to play with the crazy thirteen year olds who can ace all of the paranoia stages on catastrophe mode! So it's at home only for me so far. ^_^;

    BreakDown is fun, though! I can get a "B" on standard mode so far...

    Jen: If you've got too much tea, well... I know a good home. (just kidding, of course -- drink, drink!)

  • I honestly can't play on a home pad, although the cobalt flux ones were better than anything else I've played on. I'd say that I'll stick to the arcade machines, but for the fact that I tend not to (and go months without playing as a result). I suppose I should just save up and get a nice pad one of these days, and then maybe I could pass BreakDown!...

  • Jen Davis-Wilson

    All your tea pictures are making me drink more tea! Which is good, because people tend to give me tea as gifts faster than I can drink it.

  • That's so pretty, Eric!

    I used to put a gym sock underneath the center of those soft pads so I could always tell where center was. Didn't really help that much, and after the contacts started drifting inside -- well, let's just say they didn't stay usable for too long.

    phoenix: Oh, loose tea is definitely the way to go! You'll have to keep me up-to-date on your adventures!

  • Eerie. A more optimistic take. =) Not to say that free drinks have not left me broken and battered more times than I'd like to admit ...

    Wow, those pads might solve my big problems with the standard issue pads. I always drift off, or my feet wrinkle them to the point where I have to bend down and flatten them out again. My timing, meanwhile, is flawless, of course. I just miss the contacts.

    Actually, my housemates do just fine on the standard-issue pads. I don't know how they do it.

  • Ugh-that's it, you've finally sprung me from my teabag-improsoned cell! I'm going all out with the tea leaves now! ^_^

    Also, I absolutely adore that photograph. It says so much.

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