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I have a new graphics tablet!

I mean, I had one before too, but it was really old, didn’t have the right plug to work with any of my recent computers, and was generally completely useless — so this has been on my wish list for a few years now. My real goal was to draw pretty things and add some color to my entries, just like rosebaby used to do but doesn’t anymore* (example), but even without reaching such heights, the occasional fun doodle would have been reward enough.

Well, Office Depot gave me a perfect excuse by offering a $20 rebate on Wacom’s Graphire3 pad — bottom of the line and tiny, but which suits me very well. There’s even a slot near the top where you can store your stylus, so you can carry everything around easily without fear of losing any pieces.

Haven’t yet tried the software that came bundled in the box, but it seems to work really well with Adobe Illustrator — I’m in love with the smooth, graceful lilt it adds to my lines. Photoshop produced slightly less-pleasing (but cute!) results, but I think I just need to play with my brushes a bit. Loving the experiment!

*would love to see you start again, please!

  • you are too kind. i think cardinal fish needs to re-appear as well. it's a very fun tool. xoxo

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