So that’s how it’s done


Playing around with a little photoshopping as described by dooce early last year. I don’t usually like to doctor photos, but it’s a lovely effect and does make for some dreamy images.

(Click on thumbnails for full-size versions)
Another dooce’d photo:

Found a lovely online gallery of photos by Matthew Kalenuik, mostly of flowers and other minutiae. I especially love the one of Wurlitzer vacuum tubes — I wonder if he sells prints?

  • Loliinspired

    Harvard Yard is really spooky. The cranes are transformed into giraffes crossing the veldt. Lovely effect.

  • I love how the dooce effect gives the photos a soft and rich texture that only seems to come from using chalks. The photos you chose to apply it to work stunningly well with the effect.

    Dreamy indeed.

  • I kind of like the one of the graveyard... but on the other hand, it looks like it should be in a Stephen King film or something. Pet Sematary, maybe. Perhaps if the sky were a little darker.

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