Enigmatic Seattle.


Meet “enigma.” “enigma” spent most of the weekend touring some of our nation’s finest airplanes and backwater airports, thanks to the good people at Southwest Airlines. Fortunately, he spent the rest of that time in Seattle, enjoying the weather (mostly through windows) and hanging out with me and freesia. “enigma” had Krispy Kreme, Fatburger, California Pizza Kitchen, and McDonald’s. “enigma” bought used CDs. “enigma” watched DVDs — several of them. Hopefully “enigma” had fun.

What enigma managed not to do was anything that was even remotely characteristic of or unique to Seattle. This is mostly my fault, but that’s what next time is for.

  • I dunno, EMP is worth going to once. I might just think that since I'm such a music geek that I listened to every sample from every guitar in the "hall of guitars". That really pissed off the ex-girlfriend I was making the Seattle trip with too.

  • enh, that touristy stuff is overrated anyway. We're much more fun.

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