Oil rigger’s dream


So it was about three in the morning and I was up again for no ready reason.

Late night’s predictable in many ways, at least after you spend time with it. One o’clock brings inexplicable hunger pangs, followed by fruitless scavenging for munchies, often resulting in v. poor decision-making. Two is when you start worrying about not ever getting anything done and resolve to do something about it. By two-fifteen you’ve given up but find that the only people on teevee are Suzanne Sommers, Ron Popeil and Carlton Sheets. Around three any mistakes made at one catch up with you and you’re in a new world of bodily discomfort. If you’re really lucky there’s only an hour to endure before it’s time to collapse from exhaustion.

Last night, though, I was startled out of this routine by what appeared to be giant flames licking at the edge of my window frame. Always paranoid about the house, I practically jumped out of my pj’s. Tried to see what was going on outside, but whatever it was was already gone. Ran a panicked but thorough survey of walls — everything fine. Not entirely convinced, I went to sleep.

Today the news is saying it was actually a meteor! Which is both reassuring (because apparently my home isn’t planning to spontaneously combust anytime soon) and v. neat (since amateur stargazer yukino enjoys meteors of all types as long as Bruce Willis isn’t involved). And hey, I got sleep! So yay all around.

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  • It's just a sign that the end times are nigh - prepare for doom and destruction to come in the form of little plastic cocktail swords!

  • Loliinspired

    Wow, that is very cool about the meteor! (Sorry about the sleeplessness - been there, it is horrible.) Did they find where it landed?

  • Ana

    Heh. I can imagine the initial shock! Pretty cool...

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