Out of breath


Haven’t been getting much rest lately. Seems like everything these days is a reason to stress, and I certainly can’t sleep when I’m stressed. Lots of things are falling by the wayside: cooking, cleaning, socializing… SIFF too, which started tonite — haven’t even had a chance to glance at listings yet. Worst, my muse has fled and the well of words has dried up. Feeling useless and small.

Currently attempting to drown it out with mindless sensory overload. Right now there’s an old episode of the X-Files on the teevee, in the middle of which appears to be a complex, ten minute (so far) tracking shot. Pretty sure there’s been some tricky cuts on closed doors, but it’s fun looking for them (cf. Rope).

One can only take so much X-Files, though.

Want. To. Sleep.

Changes imminent. Have already purchased the license. But can I live without the blacklist?

  • Kayla

    What is this thing for? Im all confused ok well please tell me what this is about! Thanks!

  • i sort of wish i had kept mt 2.6. but i guess in some ways it's easier to catch spam commenters (for a low traffic type website deal) because i have mt email me every time a new comment is posted so i can approve it. i'm not so sure if the same will work for you and your 3.8 million blogs :(

  • j david

    A hot bath will often do the "relax and get some sleep" trick for me. The list-making voices are often quieted by strenuous physical activity.

    (It should go with out saying, but I'll say it anyway: many of us value you immensely, whether you happen to be channeling a muse at the moment or not; further, you are no small person, but one the bigger souls I've met.)

    /me sends calming thoughts to yukino

  • freesia

    License ... to kill?

  • Loliinspired

    Try breathing exercises? They work well for me. Just take a few deep breaths, then concentrate on your breathing- slowly in & out. Plan B is eat a lot of sugar two hours before bed. :)

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