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Update: Six Apart’s clarified (well, changed) licensing definitions somewhat, so the jury’s still out. Group blogging is still effectively dead, but ne(one)piphany’s at least back into compliance. Have thinking to do.

I’ve moved my big meditation on Movable Type 3 underneath the cut line, so it doesn’t clutter up the front page anymore.

Well, Six Apart’s announced their new licensing terms and pricing structure for Movable Type 3.0, and it looks like I may have to look around for a new CMS solution sometime on the horizon. Don’t get me wrong — I love MT and would gladly have paid $100 even if 3.0 was exactly like the version (2.6) that’s running the site now. It’s not prices that have me worried, but new license restrictions that have been put in place regarding numbers of authors and weblogs. Simply put, as my install stands, there’s no single personal-use license listed with which I would be in compliance.

I’m a tinkerer. I’ve used “blogs” in unconventional ways, both public and private, as separately presented content and integrated into my main blog. Certain ideas have failed spectacularly, others are still doing their thing (and v. usefully). Most importantly, there are enough that I keep around or find useful that I’m woefully over the blog limit of even the highest personal license. That was always a good feeling before today, because it felt like I was sharing in the spirit of innovation. Now there’s just a sinking feeling in my tummy instead.

The author limits are a different beast, more because of what I’d like to do than what I have done. For instance, I’ve always wanted the occasional guest entry. Something as simple as that is suddenly a much harder choice. As for a group blog? Not likely, though in fairness I never actually would have dared after seeing specialagency.net and dearly missed predecessor ragingwomen.org.

Ironically, it seems to me that in this “developer release” it’s the non-developer, casual blogger who’s a more likely fit for these new limits. Either that, or I’m just an odd fish.

I’ve always been a fan of 6A and MT, and I’d like so much to keep going, wedge my blog count into compliance & move into the shiny new future. Still, I’m afraid that brushing up against the license might stifle my creativity, already far too fragile. So, long term, it’s either stick it out with 2.661 or find something else to play with. For the time being, I’ll wait it out and see what happens — after all, anything could happen.

Originally I had other opinions to add on the topic, but Jason Kottke’s written some of them down more eloquently than I ever could have. And to Six Apart: you’re lovely and will always be in my heart, but maybe we’ll just have to be friends…


  • yukino

    Oh, Jim... And I didn't even mention Paper Lane...

  • Jim

    When I read the announcement, I thought immediately of you and what I estimated to be your 300-400 MT-powered blogs!

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