Kill Bill: volume 2 was fabby, despite the horrible, offensive trailers we were forced to watch beforehand. I, Robot’s made me wonder if old Isaac was turning in his grave, Hero’s was a mix of spoilers and complete misinformation (for a movie that disappointing to begin with), and… don’t even get me started on Shall We Dance? Sometimes I really hate Miramax.

I have to wonder about their marketing strategy for KB as well, specifically the splitting of the film. On the one hand, I’m glad that Tarantino was given room to breathe, and the movie would certainly have been cut if restricted to a single release. On the other hand, the two parts are so fundamentally different that I’d be afraid that (1) those who really enjoyed the first film for its nonstop adrenaline would be put off by the slower pacing of the second, or (2) those who were turned off by the lack of depth in KB1 might forego seeing volume 2 completely, not realizing that they’d probably have been more satisfied when all was said and done.

As for me, I enjoyed KB1 quite a bit but never felt right about actually liking it. Not anymore, though. Also, wow, David Carradine made for an impressive villain, and Gordon Liu can star in my movie any day (as long as he promises to wear a beard).

Michael Madsen’s looking a little puffy, though.

  • sue

    Hey Loli wanna go together

    we can set a day and a time

    and be sister under the big screen

  • I want to have a beard like that just so I can do that brushing motion that he does. It's wicked mad, yo.

  • yukino

    You certainly do! :D

  • I haven't seen part one. I haven't seen anything since Return of the King. I have a cute baby though!

  • Loliinspired

    I want to see it, but cannot think of anyone to go with that wouldn't annoy me by talking. Your review has made me decide to just go see it alone. :D

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