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Discovery of the week: Wrigley’s Excel “Cherry Chill” sugar-free gum. With a taste exactly like cherry cough drops, they’re like manna from heaven for someone who consumes Hall’s like candy (e.g. me). I may be alone in that crowd, though, because I haven’t managed anyone else who can stand them.

Like all things wonderful and strange, they only seem to be available in Canada, and I’m already out. Next time I go up I’ll buy a truckoad. Hopefully this won’t be a repeat of the Ginger Altoids situation.

Actor Leslie Cheung took his own life yesterday, leaping off a hotel balcony in Hong Kong. He was 46 years old. The star of Rouge, A Chinese Ghost Story, Temptress Moon and Happy Together, I’ll always remember him for his powerful work in Chen Kaige’s Farewell My Concubine, the first Chinese-language film I ever saw and easily one of my all-time top ten.

I was depressed for awhile after hearing the news, but the idea of a tribute movie night has been slowly bringing me out of the funk. Anyone else interested? I guarantee that it’ll be nowhere near as slow as the Kieslowski death marathon of a few years back.

Stale links! Stale links! Stale links!

Finally, Mo Rocca really needs a haircut. Seriously.

  • Can I short shares on this thing?

    Just kidding...

  • Cherry Twizzlers also taste just like cherry cough syrup and yet my kids cannot stop eating them. Go figure. :)

    Yay! I am the proud owner of shares of neonepiphany.

    I heard about Leslie Cheung - very sad news.

    Oh - and thank god you're back. I missed you!

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