Something in the atmosphere


Don’t often make mixes, but part of having a 6-disc changer in the new car is filling it up with music! “Something in the Atmosphere…” is eclectic to say the least, but it does give you an idea of what I’m listening to these days:

  1. Jinjeonghan French Fry’s shidaeneun gatneunga - Byeol1
  2. 9:30 (Just Another Guy) - Noam Weinstein
  3. Mas Que Nada - Tamba Trio
  4. Center of the Sun - Conjure One
  5. Four Seasons In One Day - Crowded House
  6. Tattoo - The So and So’s2
  7. The Distance - Cake
  8. Amado Mio - Pink Martini
  9. All The Pain - Wendy Ip
  10. April’s Bonfire - Color Theory
  11. Here’s My Heart - Pat Benatar3
  12. Read or Die OP
  13. Love’s Recovery - Indigo Girls
  14. Teardrop - Massive Attack
  15. Belleville Rendez-vous - M4
  16. Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei5
  17. Uneasy - Laika
  18. Mad World - Gary Jules6
  19. Your Head’s Too Big - LASZLO featuring Norah Jones
  20. The Dream Within - Lara Fabian7
1 from the soundtrack to the excellent Korean film Take Care of My Cat, playing on Sundance of late.
2 from the just-released Give Me Drama, which everyone should run out and get.
3 from Giorgio Moroder’s 80s release of Metropolis.
4 The Triplets of Belleville.
5 Kill Bill, vol. 1.
6 Donnie Darko.
7 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

  • That is one diverse, in the Amazonian ecosystem sense, tracklisting. Interestingly heavy on the cinematic soundtrack/score content...but not surprisingly so given it's you, you cinema fiend you!

    So where's my copy? I think you owe me a mix or two. "Quid pro quo, Clairice." =P

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