Wanting needing hoping waiting


Oh my god, I’m so in love with the Canon Digital Rebel XT. I wish camera companies would stop announcing pretty new DSLR models so I that I can settle on one and start shooting like fubuki!

Oh, and did you see these?

  • Were I still making New Media money, I'd be hungering for a Hasselblad 501CM still. Times change. I don't know how people can afford to do film voraciously anymore. Costs have gone up and, frankly, spare money by and large has gone down.

    *sigh* Compromises, huh?

  • Ana

    Heh. I on the other hand am regressing and thinking of getting an old-fashioned rangefinder.

  • Canon makes great cameras! Especially the Rebel series.

  • You never make my life easy, yuki. Only better.

    Now, of course, I have to decide between the XT and the 20D… (of course, after I sell the house).

  • teak

    See, I _so_ know what you'd like. :) For me, barring any unforeseen issues reported in reviews, the XT is such a foregone conclusion that I've already proceeded to wide-angle lenses. And while I'm splurging, I suppose I might as well snap up the delicious SD400 to round out my arsenal. Man, I'm so doomed....

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