Back from the ashes


I’m back! I can’t even see the site yet, because DNS hasn’t propagated back from the temporary server, but just knowing it’s there, purring softly underneath the covers is a nice feeling. I can even add entries, an odd feeling, kind of like fumbling around in the dark for a flashlight.

Anyways, hi hi! Thanks for sticking around.

Site miscellanea:

There should be a new “toys” link on the sidebar, where I’ll be putting neat things. Right now it’s just the Prayerwheels — new version, by the way — with hopefully more to come.

Things might be up and down again over the next few days as I play with possibly moving to MySQL and/or mod_perl (assuming I can wrap my little head around them). Oh, and secret projects too… can’t tell, sworn to secrecy!

  • TheCheerfulOne

    Congrats on no longer being 404! Long live Crazy Glue!

  • Loliinspired

    Yay! My mornings will be complete again!

  • Welcome back! :)

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