Victor Garber


Sheesh, people.

Your Insatiable One writes:

Huh…I had no idea that Jack Bristow was a big Broadway person. What an interesting trivia point.

flippy writes:

sydney’s dad a broadway man? strange.

Obviously you’re all sadly ignorant of my great love affair with Victor Garber, former contender for “that Canadian actor whose name you can’t remember” (a prize that must surely now belong solely to Colm Feore). And yes, Broadway! He was in Godspell! Sweeney Todd! Assassins! That horrible recent Disney remake of Annie with Kathy Bates! Plus who knows how many shows for which I don’t own cast albums.

I loved that he was in Titanic. That sad, lonely face of his just before he and a thousand other folks became frosted mini-wheats, that was heartbreaking. I was bothered that they made him such a heel in Legally Blonde, and to a lesser extent, in Tuck Everlasting. And The First Wives Club — yes, you heard right — I sat through The First Wives Club for this man’s sake.

All along, he was my secret weapon: my “Hey! It’s That Guy!” card. He was v. useful in a pinch when the punch ran out. You know, like Stephen Tobolowsky. “And did you know he can sing?”

Really, though, I’m so glad he’s become a household face on Alias. But they could let him bust out the tunes once in awhile, don’t you think?

Jesus! Booth!
Victor Garber as Jesus and John Wilkes Booth

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