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Returned to work after two blissful weeks of vacation, and am suddenly stressed out, behind schedule, and out of time all over again. It’s just like remembering how to ride a bicycle, skinned knees and all.

Yesterday’s Manos experiment is but a faded memory now, though in idle moments, an imagined kazoo choir rendition of the Torgo theme starts rampaging through my consciousness. I suspect the other participants have their own scars to deal with.

Outsider opinions range from terrible to worse, but all very vocal… just from today, one-liners from sugs: “It gives you a true benchmark for declaring movies to be bad…” and chaos: “Yes, I appreciate this opportunity to have the desire to claw my eyes out.”

For those who fall into a similar trap, may I suggest The Two Towers as a palate cleanser? That’s what we resorted to.

  • streesedou t? Wahat iss thatt?

    (sory, typing wile taking notes and explaing something on the phone to a foreing user is not simple ...)

  • Jim

    I missed an entire day of work waiting for the Mr. Nice Flash to end. I finally snapped out of it when my browser crashed.


  • Loved Twin Towers too! After the time I had off for the holidays, I decided I needed a vacation to rest up! Going back to work always seems like a bad idea.

  • Loli

    On Thomas Hudson Reeve: Wow, another person I'm glad is on the planet. That is brilliant.

    On Mr. Nice: Hahahahaha! I think I danced with him at my cousin's wedding last year.

    On being stressed out: Why not relax tonight, and watch a movie?

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