Lows and Highs


Really, this twice-a-week post pattern is not what I had in mind when this all began. The good news is that I’ve been occupied with fun, social things: chatting with good friends, watching films, restaurant- and bar-hopping. There was even gelato involved last night, which was wonderful.

I’ve been going through a lot of mood swings in the past few days, moving back and forth from dark depression to incoherent elation. These used to be a fact of life for me, but I can’t remember having them so strongly since… well, college. That was a clue, and I think I’ve worked through what’s going on, but I won’t bore you with that now (maybe sometime over the weekend!). Right now I’m happy, and cradling a glass of cranberry lambic to boot, so I don’t want to waste that feeling.

B. will be arriving on Sunday night (yay!!), much cleaning to be done in preparation. Other possible weekend plans include last-minute holiday shopping, Adaptation, and maybe a theater thing or two. If mango daiquiris happened to fall into my lap, I wouldn’t turn them away, either!

  • mlee

    I thought bipolar people's swings went 3-6 months at a time? Are there dramatic local minima/maxima on a daily basis for them too?

  • You know, I finally got a medical professional to agree with my sneaking suspicion (backed by some research) that I might have bipolar affective disorder. I don't want to project or anything, but maybe there's something to that for you?

    I'm going to try to be brave enough to let the whole saga unfold publicly on my blog, so feel free to watch there for any details that might inspire or resonate with you.

    Not to preach or anything.

  • stealth

    You have so many friends that I'm dreaming about them (plus some girl named Sarah). Read =dreams, basenote 143.

  • cheerful1

    I saw your dorm room(s) during college...clean up...CLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAN UP! or B will kill us all.

    and be happy dammit! Life is too short, and love is too fleeting to ever be sad...except when you're dating a dolt of course.

    And, uh, hold the lambic

    luv ya :)

  • god love Lambic. We drank it in the booth all through Stage Door.

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