So goes the refresher


Finally, finally, finally! B. and I are going to see The Two Towers tomorrow, so the first order of business after getting home from the airport was to pop in the extended version DVD of the first film, and, safely cocooned against the elements under flannels and blankets, immerse ourselves in the flavors and sounds of Middle Earth once again. Secondary goals: mortadella, lambic… lots of vitamin C as well, as the dreaded specter of illness has also struck.

It was a wonderful plan, in theory. Alas, the reality of time zones worked against our idealism, and less than an hour into the film, I’m the only one awake. No matter! Tomorrow will still be great! There’s something to be said for going into a new experience cold.

As for tonight, lovely readers, sometimes there are more important things than blogs. Sweet dreams!

  • freesia

    Well! Obviously they're all delusional idiots, since he's mine. Seriously, what the fuck.

  • yukino

    Oh dear god, why did I listen to you? It burns, it burns...

  • Eglantine

    Ewww, now try searching Google for "legolas" and "pregnant"! There's some truly horrible fanfic out there . . . I shudder at the memory.

  • freesia

    holy shit, do I want to bear his little blonde elven children.

  • I'm glad that you have your priorities correct.

    (And holy shit, that horse mounting trick was sweet.)

  • stealth

    Did you see it yet? Did B. like it?

    Also, did you see the horse-mounting trick right before the Warg attack? I bet you'll like it.

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