Injury and renewal


I am a walking disaster. So far today, I’ve collided with a concrete planter, a brick wall and a low-hanging slanted ceiling (three times!). Needless to say, hard unfeeling object: 5, soft human: 0.

A very odd but generous breakfast this morning at chez B., consisting of pork buns and what was apparently about a hundred dollars’ worth of bird’s nest. Never had bird’s nest before, a substance literally made of the nests of sea swallows, all seaweed and saliva and nutritional gunk. To make things a little less appetizing, after soaking but before consumption, hundreds of tiny feathers had to be picked out of the mass. All told, it surprisingly tasteless by itself. The consistency is not unlike shark’s fin or coconut jelly or fine tapioca.

Of course, the reason why anyone eats bird’s nest is for its supposed restorative powers. Keep an eye out in this spot for news of miraculous recoveries!

Well, it’s white flag time on the NaNoWriMo front, with the meter stuck at just under 14,000 words. Seeing as how that’s fewer words than last year, the trend doesn’t appear to be promising, but rest assured you’ll see me at it again next year. Hope springs eternal, after all. Thanks to those who offered moral support, and profuse apologies to everyone whose suggestions I never got to. Sigh.

As for Regan and Arianna, well, we may revisit their stories again in the future, after I take a lengthy break away from my keyboard and spend a blissful month or two in the wilderness.

After all, it can’t be a good thing that my left arm has been drifting in and out of numbness for the past week, can it?


    Man you should have beat that fucking planter to a pulp. Who the hell does it think it is? And that damned ceiling should get a clue. SHEYAHZ! And in THIS economy...

    whoa...must've been trippin' on that $.39 chipmunk nest I ate...stay away from the chipmunk nest man...stay AH-WAY from the chipmunk nests...

  • Eating a bird's nest is a little scary! And I've been worried about GM foods!

  • Eglantine

    Ok, here's the deal. November was NaNoWriMo, December will be NaLetsGetHealthyMo. Awright? Please bug me on Monday to make some more doctors' appointments, and I will bug you back in kind! This time we *will* overcome!

  • A Cook's Tour recently had a show in Vietnam that featured bird's nests. Probably the most disturbing part of it was the bird's *head* floating in the coconut along with the nest and other things.

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