Giving thanks


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you, to B., for everything, for warmth, for understanding, for being a rock in stormy waters (and you are, rest assured, though I know you’ve felt otherwise). I love you.

Thank you, to my friends, new and old, for connections and reconnections, for quality time and shoulders to cry on, for comforts familiar and new adventures. I love you.

Thank you, to my family, who I don’t see nearly often enough. Last weekend was fun! I love you.

In the short term:

Happy birthday today, to Eglantine!

Happy birthdays tomorrow, to Mom and LZ!

I hope this Thanksgiving day finds everyone happy and warm.

  • Huzzah! Yay, you two. :)

  • Eglantine

    Thanks for the thanks, you're so sweet! It's A.'s and my 7th anniversary + both birthdays + Thanksgiving weekend, so we got lots of celebrating done! :)

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