Despite everything


Another chilly morning found me a little sick (again!) and a little achy (still!). In spite of all that, it’s been a very good day.

Had lunch with Eglantine, too-spicy cafeteria Thai (mea culpa, was a tad too liberal with the Sriracha); it was tasty, though. Made the trip in part to deliver a birthday gift but, unexpectedly, came away with a set of secondhand Staedtler-Mars graphic pens, a package of instant gom-tang noodles, and a ton of ink bottles (thanks Eggy!). Started off the day with a lovely touch of whimsy.

More shopping in the evening, and dinner with Nonours and Meklar. Good food and good conversation; felt like an early Thanksgiving.

The dangers of gift shopping became apparent last night, as I ended up grabbing a couple items for myself: The Elements of Typographic Style, by Robert Bringhurst, is a beautiful volume which promises to be a fascinating read (am I a font geek or what?). Also picked up a set of Cretacolor Aqua Monolith pencils in a nice wooden case, on sale at Utrecht. I blame Michelangelo.

Flying out to New York City again on Thursday for T-day proper and to take care of B. (who’s sicker than I am at the moment), which will be nice. In the meantime, it’s work, work, work. Sigh. That’s tomorrow, though. Today’s still a good day.

  • Eggy: Sleep, sleep can come later! First I must pack for NYC. Glad you liked the book!

    Abu: If my dalliance with Bringhurst bears fruit, I had my eye on Alexander Lawson's "Anatomy of a Typeface." We can go stalking in BC together, if you wish.

    Steve: Just stop me from buying Fontographer. I don't have time! But... so... tempting...

  • Can we take bets as to when you'll begin trying to create fonts?

  • Abu

    Oh, Bringhurst!

    Now, someone recenly me sent me a sappy internet questionaire, among the questions of which was "What famous person would you like to have lunch with?" I demurred, but I should have put Bringhurst. (Another question was "What would you hate to be locked in a room with?" I put "Some famous person.")

    He's somewhere up in the wilds of BC if my sources have it right. His poetry doesn't resonate deeply with me, but his prose style is to be emulated. Elements is a great book, and just crsip in its design.

    I'd stay away from that Jan Tschichold, though. He's rather a typo-facist.

  • Eggy

    Was glad I could see you for lunch - had a fun time. Hope you get a chance to get some sleep in that busy schedule of yours.

    My present rocks!!!

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