Judith and Holofernes


Bathed myself in the works of the great Florentine masters today: Michelangelo’s David/Apollo, sketches, and studies for the Leo X chapel in the Duomo, as well as works by other artists from the Medici court. Every time I go to the Art Institute, there’s something new and beautiful to experience. In recent years: Monet, Renoir… Favorite pieces include a vibrant Judith and Holofernes by Allori, and Bronzino’s hyper-real portrait of Eleanora of Toledo.

Also, admired a few fascinating bronzes by modern sculptor Juan Munoz, and spent some catch-up time gazing at the Chagall windows. Afterwards, stared longingly at the aisles at Utrecht, perhaps hoping to catch some glimmer or inspiration from the shadows of those who had stood there before me.

Mommy, I want to be an artist when I grow up.

Ah, Sports Night, the mirror of my life:

Casey: What’s the problem?
Dan: I can’t write!
Casey: No, exactly what’s the problem?
Dan: Exactly? I! Can’t! Write!

November is ticking away.

Oh, and by the way! Snow! Snow! Snow! Though I shall leave it all behind soon, too soon. Farewell, Chicago!

  • I feel the same, substituting "suburb of Phoenix" for "small town in south Texas".


  • I love big cities. I also like it to be cold for the holidays. What am I doing in a small town in south Texas??

  • Hey I know ambergris...

  • Caught an ep on Comedy Central yesterday. Must...buy...DVD...

  • teak

    Hey, only 2697 words to go! Woohoo!

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