Viagra, viagra, viagra


In chilly Chicago, visiting the parents, just as an autumnal weather renaissance seems to be occurring in Seattle. Yesterday was brilliant, blue, sunny, warm — no jackets required. I hear similar things about today, but only from a distance; here, it’s cold and miserable.

Dad’s a doctor, so each new trip home carries with it a treasure hunt in the pile of new promotional product from various pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer seems to have been very generous so far this year, so without further ado, I present to you an abridged tour of the weird, wonderful world of Viagra merchandise:

  1. A Viagra watch. Okay, next.
  2. Stylish Viagra neckties. Note the little blue pills, subtle but obvious. I’m going to take these and create a decorative wall ornaments, or maybe stylish belts.
  3. Yes, Virginia, that is a Viagra racing car mouse. It comes with a snazzy matching mouse pad, too.
  4. Viagra. Pump. Viagra. Pump. Is this hand soap, or something… else?

Probably most distressing of all, and not from Pfizer, is this:

That’s right, a squeezy stress toy in the shape of… a cutaway prostate gland. Talk about your conversation starters.

  • SB

    thanks for the chuckles!

  • Loli

    When I worked at the pharmacy, I was amazed at the schlocky freebies given out by the drug reps. I see the beat goes on. Love ya!

  • Abu

    I'm pretty sure sjon asked 'squik' not 'squeak.' That'd be, ah, different.


    Sorry, when I'm feeling a little misanthropic, I wouldn't mind squeezing a man's prostate for stress relief...I'll take fifteen Santa...


  • Truth be told, I had to ask. Mom thought it was an apple, she'd been carrying out around everywhere, squeezing away. When all was revealed, she looked mortified; I don't know if it'll be making the rounds anymore.

    sjon: no squeaks. How disturbing would that be?

    I should have taken a photo of the back of the thing, because now I'm dying to remember exactly what medication the thing was supposed to be advertising.

  • You know, I considered myself fairly knowledgeable about the prostate -- or at least about its stimulation -- but would have not known that the stress toy was supposed to be a prostate gland.

    Then again, when seeing a stress toy, one does not immediately think, "What internal body part does this most resemble?"

  • gus

    OMG! Someone else actually has one of those prostates, and it DOESN'T look like the one I have... It must be a stress-toy staple, I wonder how often they use that mold... A friend of mine who was working in Congress gave me hers, some drug company had come around to give all the representatives one. Truly disturbing.


  • Viagra watch: with automatic resizing wrist band.

    Does that prostate gland squiks when pressed?

  • stealth

    We need that race car mouse.


    Now, if you just had a little bitty Bob Dole to drive the race car mouse.

  • It could be worse I suppose, like testes earrings or ovary pendants!

  • freesia

    Come back, we miss you!

  • Eglantine

    Oh, ewww!

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