Twenty-eight candles


Twenty-eight candles. What’s my wish?

  • stealth

    Yo, you were born. Cool.

  • lizzieb

    happy birthday, almost-birthday-mate! sorry so late ---

  • Geegaw

    I had "Happy Birthday Yukino" as my entry title for the 15th but a broken HTML tag prevented it from showing up, so belated congrats.

  • Happy Burfday! U R 31337 D00D!

  • freesia

    I wished I could have been with you, but after my (albeit brief) cast party there was no way I could drive to where you are safely. I hope it was happy happy happy - let's hang out! I miss you!

  • Jim-buaia

    Felicitous Birth Anniversary!

    November Birthday in Seattle? Recommend you wish for rain.

  • peter

    happy happy happy happy happy!

  • Nina

    Hope you have a great birthday, you deserve it.

  • freesia

    you wish for B not to get bit by dogs, and you wish for A not to stain your carpet, and you wish for your car not to get crashed into, and you wish for CDs not to get stolen, and you wish that you continue to kick ass in this, your twenty-ninth year on earth.

  • c

    Happy happy! Take off all your clothes and spin around and do the happy dance! And don't forget those inflatable sheep!

  • You wish you had an extra month or so to write this novel.

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