Nano love sheep

At the moment, he was enjoying the services of an inflatable plastic love sheep in the comfort of his bedroom. With others overseeing his business interests, his life had become an endless series of one-night trysts with air-filled livestock, a habit so consistently returned to that at one point, he had been single-handedly responsible for keeping the manufacturer in business. It was no different now, but the circumstances had changed: he had liked them so much, he bought the company.

  • c

    Hahahahahahaha. LOVE IT! But wait, what about the velcro gloves?!

  • worm

    Y., this is supposed to be a fictional novel, not an autobiography.

  • yukino

    The perils of that desperate rush to 10K words!

    I have another paragraph that consists soleley of 2-letter Scrabble-legal words. Help! Help!

  • There are some serious inconsistancies in tense for the beginning of that paragraph. I'm not even going to address the cliche at this time. (Oops, I just did).

    But keep up the good work!

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