Nano: Day 11


Day 11: 1221 words.
Day 10: 707 words.
Day 9: 884 words.

Falling, falling, falling. Also, I suspect the “artwork” yesterday has scared off my readership. I am laughing! Laughing at my folly.

This one’s for rosebaby:

There was a clatter at the window, as if something had struck the glass. Regan fell immediately to the floor, yanking the plug of the torchiere lamp from the wall to kill the light. She crawled, on her belly, around the bed to the wall next to the window, grabbing her pistol from the nightstand drawer on the way. Peering through the glass, she knew that she wasn’t going to get a good view outside, so she grabbed the blouse off the top of the bed and waved it in front of the window. The baiting brought no reaction, so she figured it was safe to take a look from a direct angle; a quick scan of the alley revealed no person, but wait: footprints below, in the snow cover. Was he on the fire escape? She unlatched the window and leaned out, the bitter wind washing over her nearly naked body. Feeling idiotic, she made the quick scan and immediately drew herself back in. Nobody.

Hopping around with her arms crossed, trying to get rid of the chill, she ducked under the covers and promised herself that she would buy pull-down window shades. It was Werner, of course. It had to be. She had seen the bastard’s calling card in the snow, four stories below, penned in what appeared to be urine.

“I love you,” it had read.

  • Artwork is always great. Actually, I would say that it made me more intrigued than I was before. :)

  • Go you! Go Me! Go Us! Go Faster!

    seriously. My show opens on thursday. I was at the theater until one last night. No writing time. are you coming? Please come.



  • I rather liked the picture.

  • We support you 100%!!!

    <voice name="Rob Schneider">you can doooo it!</voice>

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