Nano: Day 5

They had been paired on a mission once in Toronto, some seven years ago, to recover a stolen nuclear device en route to the Middle East. Regan had gone undercover while Arianna ran the operation behind the scenes. The whole thing hit a very large snag when they realized that the man who was escorting the weapon was a former Soviet agent, an emotionally sterile cad with whom they had both once been romantically involved. Her cover blown (quite embarrassingly, in fact), she had been hog-tied and stuffed into a small barrel. When Arianna, like the proverbial cavalry, pried the lid off of it an hour later, Regan learned that she shortly would have joined the ranks of the many daredevils who had perished at the base of Niagara Falls.
One could always count on Alexei to come up with a crappy plan. Whether in the name of love or death, it was his standard modus operandi.

  • mlee

    Haha, that last paragraph is precious.

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