Nano: Day 4


Day 4: 852 words.
(A long day at work bit into my writing, but that should be over for awhile, at least.)

The flashing light on the answering machine momentarily caused a slight heart-flutter, before she realized that any kind of recall to Section would probably be carried out by another slip of paper in the pocket. Certainly not the telephone; too insecure, but also: Regan couldn’t recall ever having seen a telephone in headquarters. It was always contact-by-paper, contact-by-radio, contact-by-shadowy-figure. It was the last one that always got on her nerves; there was nothing like gearing oneself up to kill a possible attacker, lurking just behind the soda machine, only to discover that the sneak was only trying to recruit for, say, Caitlin-who-does-explosives’ baby pool.

  • Christ, you keep molding the way I want to write! Damn you and your infectious nascent memes!

  • Nina

    hahaha, I love it! Thanks for sharing!

    BTW, Thriftway is selling California persimmons...

  • freesia

    you are a fantastic, fantastic freak.

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