Nano: Day 5.5


Day 5: 826 words.

Ok, I said if I didn’t hit 5500 words last night I would cry. I’m crying!

Impediments to success:

  • A good day to be a fan of Sports Night (looove Sports Night) doesn’t necessarily make for success behind the keyboard.
  • The double shot of Oban probably didn’t help, either.
  • This one is for Eggy: Bad us! Bad us!

  • Eglantine

    Oh Celia. Yukino is not Eglantine. I am...

  • Eglantine, I wandered over here from GNE/Ludus Perpetuus (I play too) and was amazed to see references to NaNoWriMo (I'm doing it too, 6,000 words), SportsNight (the best show ever) and Lush. Felt I ought to salute you! 1 Colonel's Secret Formula for you....

  • yukino

    It's right there on the side of the page, in all its pathetic glory. In fact, a click on that "[more]" underneath will take you to a status chart that will show you just how pathetic I am!

    I suspect you are way past me at this point.

  • As I am treating this whole nanowrimo thing as a sport, I am about to give myself free license to call you 'Dude'. Ready?

    Dude, what's your total count?

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